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There is no room in the house that pressed tin can’t help add a touch of class and sophistication to. Ceilings.com.au supply the best quality pressed tin bedheads in Perth, from singles to king, which can be designed in more than 50 patterns and are also available in DIY kits! Follow our instructions below for setting up your DIY pressed tin bedhead.

Preparing for installation

It should be noted that you will be dealing with metal throughout the process with very sharp edges, so caution should be taken at all times. Although we supply the package contents, you will also need a number of tools to complete installation including plywood, a drill, screws/nails, hammer, tin strips/Stanley knife, Sika Flex or Ritetack adhesive and a marking pen.


1. The first step is holding the border in place. You will need to place the Cornice Mounting Strips around the edge of the baseboard and the rolled edge around the outside. The border can then be laid along the inside of the mounting strips. Ensure that the flat edge is facing towards the centre of the baseboard. The full-length border should be at the top, with the two half lengths on either side.

2. Place each corner piece into position inside the mounting strip and then glue and nail into place.

3. The borders can now be cut to fit between the corner pieces and then glued and nailed into place.

4. Measure and cut the pressed tin panel to fit between the borders. Apply adhesive to the baseboard, ensuring you don’t get too close to the border. Place the panel onto the baseboard and press firmly all over. Use any heavy household item you own to apply pressure as the glue dries.

Styling your new bedhead

Now for the fun part – styling your brand new pressed tin bedhead! There are a range of fun and innovative ways for you to decorate your bedhead and give it a look that will suit the rest of your room and house.

Firstly, you can paint your bedhead whichever colour and texture suits the look you’re going for. Two to three coats of oil-based paint will do the job, as long as you ensure that you apply etch primer first for the best results.

But paint is not the only way that your new bedhead can be decorated. Ribbons, fabrics, lights, frames, wood and polish can all be used for you to express your creativity and design ideas. With bedheads, the possibilities are endless and there are absolutely no limits on your creativity. Putting together your pressed tin bedhead is just the beginning!

Whatever your goal with your bedhead is, Ceilings.com.au supply the best quality pressed tin in Perth for you to use. Preparation and installation is so simple and, even better than that, you can use your creativity to transform your new bedhead into absolutely anything! Whether you paint it or really explore your creative side, a pressed tin bedhead is an amazing addition to any bedroom and we at Ceilings.com.au supply only the highest quality products for you to get started, so get in touch today!