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To give your outdoor area that unique, rustic look, you can’t go past the beauty and style of pressed metal panels to really make your outdoor area stand out!

Pressed metal can come in different styles and colours, the two most popular being aluminium and copper. Pressed aluminium rose to prominence in the 1920s where it was used in decorative detailing and art deco structures.Aluminium is ideal for the outdoors because of its resistance to heat and rust. It’s lightweight and durable nature has made it a very popular choice for creating a unique outdoor space.

Pressed metal panels can be used in the garden to liven up a dull wall or fence line. If your outdoor area is looking dull, a piece of art constructed from pressed metal is a durable and often very affordable option. This could be a small patterned wall piece or even a whole panel. In any case, this is a great way to add personality to your outdoor space. Our showroom has a wide range of patterns available to view and choose from, so there’s sure to be the perfect design to fit your vision.

Another popular use of pressed copper and aluminium panels is to create a garden screen. The contrast of high quality copper against both greenery and pavement gives outdoor spaces a modern and sophisticated look. The design of a copper panel garden screen can be as individual as you, with endless size, cut and pattern options. A popular choice for many architects and home renovators is to mount small pot plants on their copper panel wall, creating both a garden screen and outdoor feature wall. Alternatively, copper panels can be used to bring a new sense of style to a fence line. While the look is elegant, the durability of copper panels makes it a practical choice for attaching to permanent fencing. It won’t replace the actual fence, but can liven it up as an aesthetically pleasing and more beautiful look.

The shiny, sleek look of aluminium pressed metal panels also offers those wanting to redesign their outdoor areas a myriad of timeless looking options. An aluminium pressed metal partition is a fantastic option for creating separation between areas, or creating more privacy in your backyard. Partitions can be cut to your exact size specifications, and the variety in patterns means there’s a design to compliment every outdoor space. Aluminium pressed metal panels also give a classic look to outdoor ceilings and awnings. The variety of panels and borders available make aluminium highly customisable and suited to areas of all shapes and sizes. An aluminium pressed metal ceiling can add a subtle flair to your outdoor space or make a statement by being specially pressed with your preference of pattern.

Whether it be art, a garden wall, a partition or even security doors – pressed copper and aluminium panels provide solutions and creative design concepts for all outdoor spaces. To get really creative you could create a feature wall, cover your pool/backyard door and BBQ ceiling.

There are many ways to utilize the beauty of pressed metal panels in your home, and this includes the outdoors. Remember that it won’t rust or get damaged from everyday use; it will forever look sleek and shiny!

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