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 Pressed tin panels are an amazing addition to any ceiling. They’re incredibly strong, durable, light and they add value to your property. But perhaps the best advantage is that they are incredibly simple to install. Follow the steps below for a stress-free installation of your pressed tin ceiling.

Preparing for installation

Safety is the key when installing your pressed metal ceilings. Scaffolding is the safest way for you to carry out the installation process and should be set up in the room for you to work on. Before fixing any panels into place, you should lay some out on the floor to familiarise yourself on how the overlap works.

In order to install correctly, you will need a hammer, wallboard nails, tin snips, Stanley knife, chalk lines, tape, measure gloves and a thin cutting disc.

Installing the panels

1. The first step of the installation process is installing the Metal Cornice. Install the mounting strips around the wall perimeter with a small nail, tack or screw and ensure the lips are facing out. Place a small dab of Sika flex or Ritetack adhesive just above the lip to support it and prevent it from moving in the future. The Metal Cornices will then slip into the strip very easily.

2. We recommend that you attach a plywood backing to the entire ceiling area to ensure that the cornice runs evenly for the whole length of the room. You can then fix the cornice to the ceiling with nails or tacks.

3. The left-hand side of the cornice should run into the corner wall unmitred. Then, using a scriber or compass, transfer the profile of the left-hand cornice onto the right-hand cornice. You can then trim this down using a pair of tin snips.

4. Next, snap a chalk line on the centre of the plywood in the centre of the room to equalise the centre of the pattern of the outer parallel walls. Make sure the sheets overlap towards any doors, with the under lapping sheets moving away from the door.

5. Align the sheet with the chalk line and attach using nails at 150mm intervals where they overlap and 300mm intervals down the centre.

6. You can now erect the ceiling panels. Start from the centre of the room and work your way to the edges.

7. Before painting, use an acrylic gap sealant to fill any gaps where panels meet the perimeter cornice and also the cornice mitres etc.

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