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9.2) Light Diffuser Panels

Prismatic light diffuser panels are available in a standard range of sizes and can also be made to order to suit your size requirements.

Prismatic light diffuser panels material comes in 2 main thicknesses, approximately 3mm and 4.5mm. The 3mm material, referred to as P12 or K12 has a prism depth of approximately 1.9mm. The 4.5mm material, referred to as P15 or K15 has a prism depth of approximately 2.3mm.

Both the P12/K12 and P15/K15 provide good light control in situations where there is considerable glare. The critical issue for prismatic is the span over which the material can safely be hung. In the case of 3mm material, the ideal maximum span is 600mm on the shortest side or less. The 4.5mm material, the ideal maximum span is 800mm or less. With proper support in the middle and fixings on the edges, this can be extended.

While it is an excellent diffuser of light, prismatic tends to get broken easily if not treated with care. This is because the very pattern that is rolled into the material as it is extruded; in-fact makes the material thinner than it would otherwise be, and therefore more brittle. Where larger panels of prismatic are being used, it is important that the appropriate frame, drilling or adhesive is used to mitigate the chance of the material popping out in variable weather.

Pricing on the website is for the P12/K12 diffuser.


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