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06) Polystyrene Stick On Ceiling Panels

Polystyrene Stick On Ceiling Panels

Polystyrene Stick On Ceiling Panels are a lightweight panel designed to be adhered over existing ceilings. The panels are a nominal 600mm x 600mm x 15mm thick available in a 10 pack with a bevelled edge on each side which achieves a ‘v’ joint finish when the panels are butted together.  A compatible adhesive such as Ritetack Adhesive should be used to adhere the panels as it will not dissolve the polystyrene like many other adhesives will. The panels are a plain polystyrene that can be painted once installed. The polystyrene panels are easily cut with a sharp Stanley knife or hand saw and before gluing the panels make sure the surfaces are free from dust and are in a sound condition with no flaking paint etc.

Once panels are installed, any minor gaps can be filled with a flexible water based gap filler and once this is dry the panels can be painted with a suitable water based primer and then finished with a water based ceiling paint.

*** Please note that there can be some variance in size of the panels and the bevelled edges **

Below are links to the Ritetack adhesive we supply and also an interior gap filler.



Also available in our polystyrene panel range are the 45mm thick plain panels and the 47mm thick textured panels which are designed to be supported off an aluminium T-bar section and a perimeter wall angle trim. Commonly used under metal roofs such as games rooms, patios and sheds to cut down the radiant heat. This is a very good DIY ceiling system that is all pre-finished if you use the textured finish panels.

We also have a wide range of other types of ceiling panels including plasterboard, mineral fibre and metal pan to suit your domestic or commercial situation.

Ceilings.com.au have a great variety of ceiling products for you to choose from and you will be sure to find something to suit your needs.





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