05) Wavebar Quadzero Loaded Vinyl

Wavebar Quadzero Loaded Vinyl is a flexible loaded vinyl material with a foil facing applied to one side, making taping of joins and installation even easier

Wavebar Quadzero Loaded Vinyl is 1350mm wide and comes in rolls with four density options. It is available in the following sizes:


2kg/m2 10m x 1350mm (13.5m2)
4kg/m2 5m x 1350mm (6.75m2)
6kg/m2 5m x 1350mm (6.75m2)
8kg/m2 5m x 1350mm (6.75m2)
SKU Length/Size Price exc. GST Price inc. GST  
WAVEQZ22kgm2 13 5m2 Pack$643.18$707.50
WAVEQZ44kgm2 6 75m2 Pack$514.51$565.96
WAVEQZ66kgm2 6 75m2 Pack$609.37$670.31
WAVEQZ88kgm2 6 75m2 Pack$745.49$820.04
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