08) Thermofoil with Antiglare

Thermofoil with Antiglare

Thermofoils are designed specifically for under metal roofs and is also suitable as a wall wrap. Its unique design provides the additional strength required to keep out moisture, wind and dust.

Thermofoil with Antiglare is 1350mm wide and comes in rolls with options of light, medium or heavy duty and is available in the following sizes:


EnviroSeal Light Duty Foil 1350mm x 30m (40.5m2)
EnviroSeal Light Duty Foil 1350mm x 60m (81m2)
Medium Duty Sarking (733) 1350mm x 30m (40.5m2)
Medium Duty Sarking (733) 1350mm x 60m (81m2)
Heavy Duty Sarking (753)1350mm x 60m (81m2)
SKU Length/Size Price exc. GST Price inc. GST  
LDFOIL30Ld 40 5m2 Roll$107.12$117.83
LDFOIL60Ld 81m2 Roll$214.44$235.88
MDFOIL30Md 40 5m2 Roll$152.03$167.23
MDFOIL60Md 81m2 Roll$290.76$319.84
HDFOIL60Hd 81m2 Roll$385.34$423.87
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