01) Aluminium T-bar Access Frame

Aluminium T-bar Access Frame

Aluminium T-bar Access Frames can be installed in ceilings to provide access and come in a range of sizes. Can also be used as a frame for skylight diffusers etc.

SKU Length/Size Price exc. GST Price inc. GST  
AAP3030300mm X 300mm$19.50$21.45
AAP4040400mm X 400mm$22.50$24.75
AAP4545450mm X 450mm$25.50$28.05
AAP5050500mm X 500mm$25.67$28.24
AAP5555550mm X 550mm$25.84$28.42
AAP6045600mm X 450mm$25.84$28.42
AAP6060600mm X 600mm$26.01$28.61
AAP8080800mm X 800mm$28.50$31.35
AAP99991000mm X 1000mm$33.00$36.30
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