01) 6mm Recessed Edge Wallboard

6mm Recessed Edge Wallboard

6mm Recessed Edge Wallboard is ideal for lining wet areas such as bathrooms and laundries and for construction of impact resistant walls. The recessed edge is to allow the board to be finished with a smooth flat surface

SKU Length/Size Price exc. GST Price inc. GST  
VB0609303000mm X 900mm$30.46$33.51
VB0612181800mm X 1200mm$24.37$26.81
VB0612242400mm X 1200mm$32.49$35.74
VB0612272700mm X 1200mm$36.55$40.21
VB0612303000mm X 1200mm$40.61$44.67
VB0612363600mm X 1200mm$48.74$53.61
VB0612424200mm X 1200mm$56.86$62.55
VB0613242400mm X 1350mm$36.55$40.21
VB0613303000mm X 1350mm$45.69$50.26
VB0613363600mm X 1350mm$54.83$60.31
VB0613424200mm X 1350mm$63.97$70.37
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