09) 7.5mm Texture Base Sheet

7.5mm Texture Base Sheet

Texture Base Sheet provides a solid substrate for applied texture finishes.

Texture Base Sheet is suitable for use as a wall cladding for new homes, extensions, upper storey additions and light commercial applications.

Texture Base Sheet is light blue in colour and features a recess on the two long edges which facilitates concealed joint construction.


SKU Length/Size Price exc. GST Price inc. GST  
TBS709242440mm X 900mm$29.19$32.11
TBS709303000mm X 900mm$35.89$39.48
TBS712242440mm X 1200mm$38.92$42.81
TBS712272725mm X 1200mm$43.47$47.82
TBS712303000mm X 1200mm$47.86$52.65
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