22) Partition Rolls Glasswool 11kg/m³

Partition Rolls Glasswool 11kg/m³ batts are for installation in walls where the steel studs are at either 450mm or 600mm centres

Partition Rolls Glasswool 11kg/m³ are either 450mm or 600mm wide and are available in the following pack sizes.


R1.2 50mm x 16.2m x 450mm (3/pack = 21.87m2)
R1.2 50mm x 16.2m x 600mm (2/pack = 19.44m2)
R1.7 75mm x 13.5m x 450mm (3/pack = 18.23m2)
R1.7 75mm x 13.5m x 600mm (2/pack = 16.2m2)
R2.5 110mm x 8.1m x 600mm (2/pack = 9.72m2)
R3.5 165mm x 5.4m x 600mm (2/pack = 6.48m2)
SKU Length/Size Price exc. GST Price inc. GST  
PR11-5045R1 2 21 87m2 Pack$68.34$75.17
PR11-5060R1 2 19 44m2 Pack$60.99$67.09
PR11-7545R1 7 18 23m2 Pack$91.81$100.99
PR11-7560R1 7 16 2m2 Pack$81.61$89.77
PR11-9860R2 5 9 72m2 Pack$69.13$76.04
PR11-9960R3 5 6 48m2 Pack$68.45$75.30
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