05) 10mm RE Aquachek Plasterboard

10mm RE Aquachek Plasterboard

10mm RE Aquachek PlasterboardĀ is designed for use in lining the walls and ceilings of ‘wet areas’ of residential and commercial buildings. It is machine made gypsum plasterboard with a core, face and back linerboards treated to make it resistant to moisture and humidity.

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CMR101224 2400mm x 1200mm $33.12 $30.11
CMR101227 2700mm x 1200mm $37.26 $33.87
CMR101230 3000mm x 1200mm $41.39 $37.63
CMR101236 3600mm x 1200mm $49.68 $45.16
CMR101242 4200mm x 1200mm $57.96 $52.69
CMR101330 3000mm x 1350mm $46.57 $42.34
CMR101336 3600mm x 1350mm $55.89 $50.81
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