02) 10mm RE Supaceil Plasterboard

10mm RE Supaceil Plasterboard

10mm RE Supaceil Plasterboard is designed to span up to 600mm in ceiling applications. Long edges are recessed for flush jointing and is suitable for Internal ceilings

SKU Length/Size Price exc. GST Price inc. GST  
CPB1009242400mm X 900mm$17.30$19.03
CPB1009303000mm X 900mm$21.63$23.79
CPB1009363600mm X 900mm$25.95$28.55
CPB1009484800mm X 900mm$34.60$38.06
CPB1012242400mm X 1200mm$23.07$25.38
CPB1012272700mm X 1200mm$25.95$28.55
CPB1012303000mm X 1200mm$28.84$31.72
CPB1012363600mm X 1200mm$34.60$38.06
CPB1012424200mm X 1200mm$40.37$44.41
CPB1012484800mm X 1200mm$46.14$50.75
CPB1012545400mm X 1200mm$51.90$57.09
CPB1012606000mm X 1200mm$57.67$63.44
CPB1013242400mm X 1350mm$25.95$28.55
CPB1013303000mm X 1350mm$32.44$35.68
CPB1013363600mm X 1350mm$38.93$42.82
CPB1013424200mm X 1350mm$45.42$49.96
CPB1013484800mm X 1350mm$51.90$57.09
CPB1013606000mm X 1350mm$64.88$71.37
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