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40) Multitel 18kg/m³

Multitel 18kg/m³ is a versatile flexible insulation material that is designed for the economic external insulation of heating, ventilating and cooling ductwork

Multitel 18kg/m³ comes in rolls 1200mm wide and is available in the following pack sizes:


R0.7 20m x 1200mm x 25mm (24m2)
R1.0 15m x 1200mm x 38mm (18m2)
R1.3 10m x 1200mm x 50mm (12m2)
R1.5 10m x 1200mm x 55mm (12m2)
R2.0 7.5m x 1200mm x 75mm (9m2)


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“Great range of pressed metal panels, had the best advice and also a lot cheaper than other suppliers”


“Thank you so much for the great service i recieved from Scott. See you again soon with another order. Cheers..Chrissy”