03) Top Hat 50mm Face 1.15BMT

Top Hat 50mm Face 1.15BMT

The first number in the product description refers to the depth of the Top Hat and the second number is the length

Lead time and minimum quantities may apply to 25mm x 6000mm, 35mm x 3600mm, 50mm x 3600mm & 50mm x 6000mm

SKU Length/Size Price exc. GST Price inc. GST  
THH5153615 X 3600mm$37.92$41.71
THH5156015 X 6000mm$64.83$71.31
THH5253625 X 3600mm$45.71$50.28
THH52560***25 X 6000mm$76.22$83.84
THH53536***35 X 3600mm$56.76$62.44
THH5356035 X 6000mm$74.42$81.86
THH55036***50 X 3600mm$66.15$72.77
THH55060***50 X 6000mm$110.22$121.24
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