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04) Wavebar Loaded Vinyl

Wavebar Loaded Vinyl is a plain, flexible loaded vinyl material, available in different grades depending upon your exact requirements. This material is commonly installed above office wall partitions to reduce the transfer of unwanted noise through adjoining ceiling.

Wavebar Loaded Vinyl is 1350mm wide and comes in rolls with four density options. It is available in the following sizes:


2kg/m2 10m x 1350mm (13.5m2)
6kg/m2 5m x 1350mm (6.75m2)
8kg/m2 5m x 1350mm (6.75m2)


Customer Reviews


“Great range of pressed metal panels, had the best advice and also a lot cheaper than other suppliers”


“Thank you so much for the great service i recieved from Scott. See you again soon with another order. Cheers..Chrissy”